2018 — 2024
Amur Gas Chemical Complex (SIBUR)
Project Description
SIBUR’s Amur Gas Chemical Complex (GCC) project is set to house one of the world's largest and most advanced polymer production facilities. The Amur GCC project will include installation of a combined polyethylene and polypropylene facility with the total production capacity of 2.7 MTPA – the feedstock of the project is to be sourced by Gazprom Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP), which is currently being implemented by NIPIGAS. The Amur GCC will receive ethane and LPG for further processing into high value-added products. Completion of the construction and commissioning works is set for 2024-2025.

At the Amur GCC project, NIPIGAS participates in the consortium together with Linde, the EPss-Contractor (engineering and procurement management), in terms of pyrolysis unit, which will be the world’s largest unit with 2,3 MTPA single production capacity, and acts as EPC-Contractor (engineering, procurement and construction management) in terms of utilities and off-site facilities (U&O). Besides, NIPIGAS serves as the General Design Contractor of the Complex.

The project is implemented incorporating the highest international environmental standards and meeting the sustainable development principles.

The nation’s largest gas processing and gas chemical cluster is being created in the Amur region. The cluster creation will boost the development of the Far East region and will be the driver in Russia’s export potential.
Project Description
Up to 2.7 MTPA
Services rendered
  • General Design Contractor
  • Utilities and off-site facilities construction, procurement and engineering management
  • Pyrolysis EP – Contractor as a member of consortium