Engineering, supply chain, logistics and construction management
Our services
Engineering, supply chain, logistics and construction management
Our services
Total capacity of oil and natural gas treatment and processing facilities
Total capacity of LNG projects
Total length of gas and product pipelines completed
Total capacity of oil refining facilities
  • Conceptual engineering aimed at projects capital expenditure reduction.
  • Implementation of ambitious and technically challenging projects as a General Contractor as well as partner and adviser to global engineering companies.
  • preFEED, FEED development for new facilities and operating plants renovation. Engineering data collection, PSTS, HAZID, HAZOP sessions, 3D models, etc.
  • Designer supervision.
  • Experience in procurement for major resource intensive projects.
  • Materials and equipment procurement both onshore, and offshore market to meet our Clients requirements in terms of import substitution and project financing assurance.
  • Vendors audit in contracting stages, inspections during procurement contracts implementation.
  • Unique competencies in oversized and heavy equipment transportation.
  • Developing logistic concepts to ensure project implementation in a timely manner and within agreed costs. Turn-key basis equipment delivery organization by any means of transport all over the world.
  • Shipping documents issuance and approval. Risk mitigation actions development and implementation. Project cargoes customs clearance.
  • Russian and international contractors management within major investment projects implementation with the mobilized personnel headcount over 30 thousand employees.
  • Technical surveillance and quality control of construction activities.
  • Interface management.
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning concept in investment projects early stages to reduce the final stages duration, and increase process efficiency.
  • Commissioning and operational commissioning contracting strategy development. Participation in equipment acceptance in the manufacturers’ facilities facilities insuring compliance with the terms of operational commissioning.
  • On-site construction management: installation supervision, pre-commissioning, commissioning, launching operations.
  • Ongoing operating facilities inspection, process optimization. Energy audit, energy efficiency enhancement program.
  • Revamp, retrofit, and major overhaul. Operational documents issuance.
  • As-built documents preparation using laser scanning.
  • Process simulation design.
Our geography
Yamal LNG
(NOVATEK). LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plant with a capacity of 17.4 mmt per annum.
Arctic LNG-2
(NOVATEK). Arctic LNG-2 is a unique LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and SGC (Stable Gas Condensate) production, storage and shipment plant with gravity-based structures with project capacity of 19,8 MTPA/
(SIBUR). Largest state-of-art petrochemical complex in Russia and one of the largest in the world with project capacity over 2.0 MTPA.
Omsk Refinery
(Gazprom Neft). Utilities and Off-site Facilities Construction within the scope of the Omsk Refinery Revamping.
Amur GPP
(Gazprom). The largest natural gas processing enterprise in Russia and one of the largest in the world. Project capacity is up to 42 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
Amur GCC
(SIBUR). One of the worlds' largest and most advanced polymer production facilities.
Moscow Refinery
(Gazprom Neft). Construction of the EURO+ Combined Oil Refining Unit at the Moscow Refinery Revamping.